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Useful Information about Porcelain Tiles 8 mos ago

Choosing Large Format Porcelain Tile for home finishing is never going to be a bad decision. These types of products are highly durable and they are absolutely practical. If you want to convert an ordinary home into something special, porcelain tiles are the best option available. No matter whether you are constructing a new home or replacing the marble flooring; porcelain is the most effective choice available. In addition to brightening up your home and offering extreme longevity, it also requires only minimal maintenance. There are plenty of designs available to choose from and the best retail stores sell only high quality products at affordable prices.

An overview of porcelain

Porcelain refers to a beautifully grained semi-transparent ceramic ware. You can come across various types of ceramic materials and the porcelain originates from a more popular type of material known as whiteware. Earlier, porcelain was the most popular material used to make decorative pieces like figurines, chinaware and vases as well. During those times, several people used to believe that this material was very delicate and feeble. Actually, it was a misconception. The reality is that this material has gone through the test of time and it is a precious material used for dental veneers and prosthesis. Porcelain is a leading industrial material utilized for insulation purposes due to its supreme resistance to abrasion and heat and non-porous nature. All these qualities make this material outstanding floor tiles as well. Today, porcelain is extensively used as a flooring material and you can find innovative products like ceramic tile wood look planks and many more in leading retail stores.

Never get confused with terms like on-porcelain and ceramic tiles

When it comes to selecting tiles, several people often get confused with phrases like ceramic tiles and on-porcelain. Technically speaking, porcelain can be described as a type of ceramic ware, but the term ceramic tile is generally mentioned as non-porcelain. Extreme hardness and non-porous nature can be associated with these tiles, and, they absorb less amount of water in comparison with soft ceramic tiles. Ceramic tiles are highly vulnerable to scratches and chipping, but porcelain tiles are highly resistant to these types of issues. If you buy options like white porcelain tiles for sale, you can enjoy excellent durability and high resistance to damage.

Depend on the PEI rating system

There is a rating system available that can help you take the best decision. It is known as the PEI rating system (Porcelain Enamel Institute) and it works an outstanding reference while purchasing porcelain tiles. This application performs the measurement of the tiles based on their application and the range begins from PEI Class 1 up to Class 5. If you are choosing tiles for ceiling or walls, the most effective choice is PEI Class 1 tiles and you can use Class 2 in places like bathroom. Classes 3 and 4 are extremely good tiles for kitchen tops and table tops and all other parts of a home. For commercial use, Class 5 is the preferred option.

If you are searching for the ideal porcelain tile designs, you can contact Tiles and Stone Warehouse. This store allows you to select from a wide range of designs and sizes including unglazed, glazed and many more. It does not matter whether you need 32x32 porcelain tile or any other size; this retail store offers everything you need.

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